$12000 Dealer

Two years and seven months ago, I started an auto dealership here in the great state of Florida with bad credit and only $12,000 to my name.  Today, I own two successful Buy Here Pay Here dealerships which are making me more money than I’ve ever dreamed possible. You can to!  If you have been in the Automobile Industry and you think you’re ready to open up a dealership, I can tell you how to do this for absolutely free. I don’t have a book or fancy videos. I started doing live videos telling of my story in late October 2017. Other dealers around the country have switched to my program, after struggling with the old way, and now they are successful. Dealerships are open and are opening up around the country using my Free Program. My Buy Here Pay Here Dealer program is simple and easy to understand. Below is a brief explanation of the program and how it worked for myself and other dealers around the country, bringing us success and fulfilment.

Location-       Up to $1000 per month $2000 to move in.

Bond-             Good Credit $200   Ok Credit $800     Bad Credit $2000-$4000

Insurance-    $150 down  $110 monthly , Just get the basic

ALL Licenses, Finance Licenses Inspections and fees est. $800

Signs and Misc $1000

Inventory-     $4000-$7000 -  Pay $300-$600 per car   .....Yes you can,Yes you can find them and yes they will sell..

I will teach you all the tricks to make your Dealer successful !


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